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Frequent Questions

1. Are these FatStick SUPs for flat water paddling or surfing?

These SUPs are an all-round design great for paddling on flat water or surfing.  The Race boards  we stock are for flat water use; touring or racing. Check out our FatStick movie to see the boards being used in a range of conditions via the link below.


2. Are all the FatStick SUPs different shapes?

Apart from the race SUPs all our SUPs are pretty much the same shape, just differing woods and colours.


3. Are these FatStick SUP's for beginners or expert?

These are all-round boards great for beginners through to expert. Generally the higher skill level you have, the smaller board you will opt for.


4. What length SUP should I get?

On our home page we have a size/weight chart as a rough guide. Please call us for further information on this subject if you are unsure.


5. Why are these boards such a bargain?

It is our mission to bring the sport of SUP to the masses at low cost. We import our boards direct and sell to the customer, so there are no retailers involved; effectively you are purchasing boards at near wholesale prices!


6. Can I view or try the SUPs before purchase?

No problem, we are based in Bournemouth; come visit us to view or try our boards anytime.


7. How do I buy one of these beauties?

You can either purchase a board though our site or come to us directly. We accept bank card and credit card payments.


8. What are pick up or delivery options?

Pick up is free of charge from our warehouse in Bournemouth and is our preferred method. We can deliver in a 30 mile radius for £20. Most other UK locations cost £35 via insured courier. Please allow us a little time to pack and post your board safely.


 For any other questions call or email us, we are more then happy to help!

See our contact page for contact info.

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