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SUP Rail Tape- Protect your SUP Rails!

£9.99 (Coming soon)

Simply stick this helicopter tape onto the rails of your SUP to keep them well protected.

This is very heavy duty helicopter tape- perfect for the job! Free shipping- simply state "pick up" at check out and we will ship to you free.

Package contains a 1meter x 15cm length of tape that you cut into two lengths for each side of your SUP.

Features and Benefits:
Transparent and exceptionally tough. provides unparalled abrasion and erosion resistance
Will not discolour or yellow with age, keeping your bike frame looking brand new.
Resistant to temperature extremes.
Will not peel or lift after periods of long exposure to rain.
Easy to apply and conforms around complex curves.
Can be cut to shape.

Helicopter Tape:
Originally used to protect the leading edge of helicopter blades, Helicopter Tape is a fast and exact way to provide exceptional protection from grit, stones and scratches.

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