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Meet Our Team

Here at FatStick we are passionate about Paddleboarding and Surfing. We are proud to have a selection of dealers and team riders that test our products and make sure we are continually evolving , producing boards that give outstanding performance every time.

FatStick Dealers

Team Riders

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Porthleven charger Peter Edkins is one of our wave rider FatStick team members. Peter uses the FatStick 8'6 Wave Fish (pictured) and is always out in the water down in Cornwall if there is a wave to be had! Peter has been surfing and paddleboarding for many years and gives use regular feedback on our boards to help improve design.

Elizabeth May is our female FatStick ambassador who rides our 10ft Pink Panther SUP. Elizabeth's passion is to encourage more females to get into the exciting sport of stand up paddle boarding. Elizabeth loves to go out for a relaxed paddle on those sunny days in addition to riding small mellow waves in Devon.

steve will

Will Littleboy is our Race man. He rides a FatStick 14ft Race SUP and can be spotted at all the major race events. Will is a keen physicist and often directs us in our development of new boards.

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Steven Roberts is a professional windsurfer that took up paddleboarding later in life. Steven loves the outdoors and is a dedicated waterman. He surfs our FatStick 8'6 Wave Fish in surfing competitions in addition to racing our FatStick 14ft Race SUP  in all the major UK race events.

Sam Rogers is our super friendly social team rider. You will often see Sam taking groups out at Hayling Island , letting people experience SUP for the first time. Sam is also a competent rider and loves surfing his 8'6 Fatstick Wave Fish SUP.  

Simon Jeffery is our SUP BIKE RUN team rider and loves to put himself in pain by pushing his body to the limits. Simon uses a Fatstick 12'6 Inflatable SUP for the race section in the SUP BIKE RUN events. Simon is often also at our major events and demo days helping out.

Russ got into paddleboarding after years of land SUP. Russ loves the water and loves to share is knowledge and skills to newcomers. In the summer months you will often see Russ down at the lakes in Berkshire or helping out at our events. You can contact him for demo on 07710398664.

Reuben May is FatStick's brand developer at the heart of FatStick. Reuben came to paddleboarding after a serious back injury stopped him from being able to prone surf. Reuben is always happy to take people out for demos and give advice on buying their board. He can be contacted on 07791076537

Dan Plavenieks is our surf team rider. Dan has been surfing since he was a young nipper and spent a lot of time in Ireland tuning his skills. Dan gives us regular feedback on our surfboards so we can tweak the shapes to maximise performance.

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International Welsh Rugby legend Richard Hibbard is also a proud FatStick ream rider! Richard uses paddleboarding as a means to keep himself in peak fitness for his rugby career. Richard loves to get out on the water as it relaxes him and gives him space from his intense work. He’s glad he picked a FatStick SUP as it gives him the performance and durability he requires.

Ian Pickett has many years surfing, kayaking and paddleboarding on his belt and opened a SUP and kayak safari facility in Porthleven, Cornwall called "Vertical Blue". Ian is always open to sharing his knowledge and has Fatstick kit available to demo in the Cornwall area. Ian can be contacted on 07551074488.

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Drew Lees started supping a little over six months ago when his dad started learning. He is now hooked and hasn't lost that hook since! Drew is our grom team rider and can be spotted at many of the big events helping out and competing. Drew is passionate about getting more youngsters into the sport.


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