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FatStick is a British brand that was created in 2013 out of a vision to provide top quality Stand Up Paddle Boards & Surfboards at affordable prices so that more people can enjoy these exciting and unique sports.


The company director, Reuben May, is passionate about watersports.

He has spent many years within the watersports industry - studying Surf Science, teaching surfing, training as a judge in surf competitions, and travelling the world to find the best surf spots!


Today Fatstick has a large range of boards and accessories to cater for all levels of surfers & paddlers in different disciplines within the sport. Reuben now has a network of dealers and team riders that support the brand and give input for board development and innovation.


FatStick stand up surf paddle boards founder and team rider Reuben May

surfing Nexpa, Mexico 2006.


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